Focus and Scope

Focus and Scope


HUMANITAS: Indonesian Psychological Journal is a journal that contains articles from both quantitative and qualitative research related to the recent issues on the field of Psychology that emphasize the novelty and originality of studies, including of:

1. Islamic Psychology

Topics: Religious development, Religious experience, Religion and attitude, Religion and mental health, and other relevant topics from Islamic point of view.

2. Clinical Psychology

Topics: Mental health, Psychopathology, Neuropsychology, Psychotherapy, Psychological interventions and treatment and other relevant topics.

3. Educational Psychology

Topics: Self regulation, Motivation and Determination, Learning, Careers planning and other relevant topics

4. Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Topics: Attitude and behavior related performance, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Organizational change and development, and other relevant topics

5. Developmental Psychology

Topics: Early childhood, Child and Adolescent, Aging, Parenting and Attachment, Family strengthening and resilience, and other relevant topics.

6. Social Psychology

Topics: Attitudes, Social influence, Groups processes, Aggression, Prosocial behavior and others relevant topics.

7. Psychometrics

Topics: Rasch model, Item Response Theory, Factor Analysis, Scale Development, Validity, Reliability, and others relevant topics.